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Enago’s objective is to assist ESL researchers from universities around the world to get published in international journals.

By using our professional editing services, university researchers can maximize their chances of getting published. All Enago editors have 19.4 years of average experience in their respective fields and holds PhD from world’s top universities, including MIT and Harvard.

Because university syllabuses are broad, we provide specialized academic editing services in over 1,117 academic subject areas. We guarantee that every professional manuscript editor assigned is also an expert in the particular subject of the paper. For instance, if research is in the field of genetics, the manuscript editor will be a verified genetics expert.

Every university researcher has their own unique requirements. Therefore, we offer three different types of manuscript editing services.

Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing is our top-tier premium service. It maximizes the chances of getting published in international peer-reviewed journals. This service pays the closest attention to detail and offers the most thorough treatment in the areas of academic editing, proofreading and quality assurance. The focus of substantive editing is not only on the proper use of the English language, but also the overall presentation of each paper, including the logical flow and structure. We ensure that the manuscript complies 100% with journal guidelines and it is ready for publication in any SCI indexed journal.

Copy Editing

Enago’s Copyediting service is designed for university researchers who require 100% language accurate manuscripts. This two- stage process covers everything from spelling and grammar to accuracy, including adherence to journal guidelines.

Language Check

University researchers requiring only a basic round of language and grammar checks should select Enago’s language Check editing. This rapid service includes a high quality top-level review of content for clarity, accuracy and readability by an expert academic editor.

We offer 3 different types of manuscript editing services, depending on your budget and the degree of editing you want for your paper:

  Substantive Editing Copyediting Language Check
Language Usage Check
100% Language Accuracy
Journal Check
Structural Review
Unmatched Post-editorial Support
  • 365 Days Unlimited Editing
  • Unlimited Editor Q&A for 1 year
  • Paid Re-editing for extensive changes
  • 60 Days Unlimited Editing
  • Unlimited Editor Q&A for 1 year
  • Paid Re-editing for extensive changes
  • Unlimited Editor Q&A for 1 year

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